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Wed, 7 May 2003

NAME::  Patrick Kevin Kilroy

KILROY MESSAGE::  Son of Joseph B. Kilroy and Jane C. McKinless, sibling to Denis Brian Kilroy, Patricia Lauren Kilroy, all born and raised in Maryland.
I am curious about my cousins who were the children of John, James, Patricia and Edward Kilroy, also of Maryland, born circa 1950-1970.
I we are related I'm trying to complete a fmaily tree and would like to learn more about our family.
Sat, 18 Jan 2003
NAME::  Jenny Clarke
KILROY MESSAGE::  Hello Kilroy family! This is a real shot in the dark, but I know that my family has long lost relatives somewhere in Cleveland. My grandfather Patrick Cleary's brothers (sons of Mary Kilroy) left Country Mayo, Ireland (from Lettermaghera) around the late 19th century. I live in Hull, East Yorkshire, England, UK, where Patrick's son Thomas (my father) settled. I know that we have connections with a Michael Kilroy who moved to Ohio. If any of this rings any bells please do get touch.
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 
NAME::  Adrian Kilroy
KILROY MESSAGE::  im trying to trace my fathers family tree his name was Robert leonard kilroy and his fathers name was Edwin kilroy i think they were from australia but came to india to set up the indian railways. if any one has info please contact me at , bye and good luck to all the kilroys.
Mon, 20 May 2002 
From: Maureen
The only gaps in my 16 great-great-grandparents are the parents of Hugh KILROY and his wife Margaret GAFFNEY. Hugh and Margaret married in the RC Parish of Kilronan, County Roscommon, Ireland, on 2 February, 1829. The handwritten entry in the Marriage Register is...
Hugonem(Hugh)KILROY et Mariam (Margaret)GAFFNEY. Jacobi (James) McNulty et (and) Sue Cooper (Testators).
They lived at nearby Ballyfarnan when their son Thomas Hugh was born in 1850.
Can you please help me to 'complete' my family?

Mon, 7 Sep 1998 
From: william francis kilroy jr.
wkilroy@ncounty.neti am

my grandmother sarah (kenney) kilroy married john kilroy they had 4 children
everlan,john,william,sarah the children were born in boston between 1900& 1910
my family of KILROYS, i was told, came from ROSSCOMMON
i am just starting to try and trace family roots of KILROY family.
THANKS, butch
Fri, 21 Aug 1998
From: Margaret R. Kilroy
My father, John Kilroy, was born in Burnley, England, Sept. 7, 1903. His father's name was also John and he was also born in Burnley. My grandfather married a woman whose last name was Coyne. Both families were originally from County Mayo.
My father had three sisters and one brother:
Rose Kilroy--married to Peter Kilroy (a cousin)-- 1 son, John P. Kilroy
Katherine Kilroy--married Joseph Burke (also from Burnley)-2 sons, 1 daughter, John, William and Mary Francis
Ann Kilroy--married Richard Browne--2 daughters, Ann Marie and Bernice
Frances Kilroy--married Catherine Welsh--3 daughters, 1 son--Mary Francis, Ann, Catherine Nora and Martin
My father married Anna Greene in 1934. They had three children--Margaret Rose, Francis Joseph and John Richard
My grandfather died in Burnley at the age of 45. My grandmother and eventually her five children came to the U.S. in the 20's or 30's. They lived for a time in Fall River, Mass. They moved to New York City and settled in Queens and the Bronx.
I'd love to hear from anyone who thinks there is a connection. I am excited about the Burnley connection.
Margaret R. Kilroy
Mon, 28 Jul 1997
I saw your posting on s.g.surnames, and would be grateful if you would add an ancestor of my wife's to your database:
Ellen (Helen) KILLROY, born in Ireland abt. 1847, m. in Piketon, Ohio, USA, 07 Jun 1875 to Edwin Simmons Hurtt (25 May 1853-03 Mar 1912). I can find no evidence of her relations, except an undefined one with the MOORE family of Chillicothe, Ohio (more below). She died in Chillicothe, Ohio, on 19 Mar 1877. Their only child, John Hurtt, was born 11 Jul 1875. He was baptized at Chillicothe St. Mary's, where his father converted and became active in the church. The young child was left in the care of her near relatives James & Anna (McDonnell) Moore, who adopted the child, his new name being John Aloysius Moore. James Moore was born in co. Kerry, IE, in Nov. 1831, s/o John & Anna (Graney) Moore: Anna McDonnell/McDonald was born in Aug 1831 in IE, had a brother Luke McDonell.
I found no obvious connections to the only other Kilroy families in this state, would you like information on them, though, for your database? I would be grateful for any clues to her ancestry, I have been unable to find her in any of the famine ship-lists, nor in the 1850, 1860, 1870 censuses.
David C. F. Davisson
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 23:48:37 
our irish kilroy was believed to be from strokestown, roscommon, (Thomas Kilroy, came to Baltimore, MD around 1850?), but we've found nothing to confirm it. My great grandfather, John Kilroy, married Katherine Lindsay, whose family came from Mayo. Perhaps there's a connection. Let me know.
Cassie Kilroy Thompson
Sat, 05 Apr 1997
From: Michael Foote <>
My line has a Kilroy line that could tie into yours since it was from County Mayo, Ireland. I am attaching a file on all the Kilroy info I have. Where I fit in is Mary Kilroy, married to Patrick Hyland is my Great-greatgrandmother.
Michael Foote

Thu, 23 Jan 1997 
Got your request for info on my Kilroy ancestors. Was glad to hear from you. I have just recently learned of my Kilroy surname heritage and am hoping you may have something in your correspondence that will help me. Now isn't this an interesting way to answer your request for help! Please keep this info someplace in your files. If you ever get a possibly link to any of these folks, I would appreciate hearing form you.
So here is my story!
I know of a Kilroy family in Ireland with four known children, possibly more. No, I do not know the county of origin but suspect they lived in county Mayo or possibly county Sligo. The parents of these four children were BERNARD and MAGARET KILROY. Bernard was a farmer and died before 1855. Nothing known about Margaret other than her name.
The four known children were: MICHAEL KILROY, THOMAS KILROY (b.1833), BERNARD KILROY (b.1835), and a sister - name unknown. Family legend says there may have been another brother who immigrated to Australia. I have no information about him.
Michael Kilroy, probably the oldest son, supposedly stayed on the family farm in Ireland. I have no information on him.
Thomas Kilroy (b.1833) was a stone mason. He moved to Burnley, England. Married there in 1855, and had six children all baptized in a Burnley Catholic church with the last name Kilroy. In 1870, this family immigrated to Indiana. Family legend says he had to escape the English army, so I assume he was an Irish rebel. The family took the surname BRANNAN. Their descendants now spell the name BRENNAN.
Bernard Kilroy (b.1835) was my ancestor. He immigrated to the US in 1853 at the age of 18. The passenger ship list includes him as Barney BRANNAN. Again, family legend says he had to change his name and leave Ireland because of the English army. I first found him in Southeastern Indiana in 1866. Bernard, a farmer, was married at least twice, possible three times. He had 21 known children. He died in North Dakota in 1916 having outlived all three of his wives. His descendants spell their name BRANNAN.
The known sister married a GALLAGHER and lived I county Sligo. She had one known son, Pat Gallagher (b.1851 in county Sligo) who immigrated to the US in 1871.
So there 'tis. I appreciate your offer to share any info you may have, or receive, that may help me.
I wish you successful searching.
Bob O'Brien
1819 E. Oxford Dr. Voice: 602/ 831-5198
Tempe, AZ 85283 U.S.A.
Currently Searching:
B E N N E T T 1811 county Meath, IRE>IL+
B R A D Y (1) 1840 IRE>Ont,CAN>MN>WI+
B R A D Y (2) 1842 county Meath, IRE>SCOT>IL>MN+
B R A N N A N 1832 IRE>IN>NoD+
D O N O G H U E 1814 county Kerry, IRE>Ont,CAN>MN+
F A Y 1780's county Meath, IRE
G A L L A G H E R 1851 county Sligo, IRE>IN>ND+
K I L R O Y 1830's IRE>ENG>IN+
M O R R I S 1820's county Mayo,
N E F C Y (K N E A F S E Y) 1791 county Mayo,
O' B R I E N 1831 county Meath, IRE>SCOT>IL>MN>WI+
W O O D 1848 OH>IA>IN>ND+

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